Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Affordable Housing Nonsense

Is this inconsistent?

"Housing is a right," said Joy Johnson, a panelist and herself a beneficiary of public housing. As she explains it, she relies on her publicly funded residence to keep her from having "to depend on a man or the system to take care of my family. It allows me to be independent."

This quote is from a recent C-ville Weekly story about affordable housing. Affordable for whom? Housing prices are high here because the demand for housing is high. It's called market economics. Charlottesville's lower-end neighborhoods are being gentrified because current owners are willing to sell to someone who is willing to pay, in many instances, more than the appraised value of the property.

And to the living wage mirmadons in Charlottesville: You could raise the minimum wage to $50 an hour and it would still be minimum wage. Everyoneone would still make more money than you, and you would still scrape bottom every week with your entry-level, zero-skill job. Goods and services would become more expensive to pay for your crappy minimum wage $50 per hour.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Improbable Half-Truth

I am tiring of all this global warming nonsense. We humans could not have more than a limited and regional influence on our climate, short of nuclear war. Not to mention that climate change is a normal, cyclic occurrence. Back in the 1970's, the eco-hype was the earth is headed for a new ice age. What happened to that? Now Al Gore (the inventor of the internet) would have us believe that all sorts of global-warming-driven climactic mayhem are about to happen tomorrow! Holy crap! Sure, there are"greenhouse" gases being produced by us mere mortals, and cows are still farting away everywhere. But the majority of these gases are coming from the ocean floor.

Even if we could stop all emissions now, the earth's temperature would still rise by at least 1 degree according to the global warming people. Worst-case scenario is slightly more than six degrees. So no boiling oceans or frying-pan landscapes are in store for us. Emissions will only get lower as technology and efficiency improve. Climatologist Pat Michaels of the University of Virginia has some interesting articles here and here.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Please don't call it World War III

Calling the current state of the world and the war on terror "World War III" is ignorant of recent history. After WWII, the Soviet Union maintained control over half of Germany and all of eastern europe. Churchill said "an iron curtain has descended..." This iron curtain was communisim and the Soviet enforcement of it. The cold war- the real World War III- had begun. During the cold war, China fell to communism. So did North Korea. And all of Viet Nam. It did not end until President Ronald Reagan bravely stood up to the Red Menace and called it what it was- an Evil Empire.

I am proud to have served in our nation's military under one of our finest commander-in-chiefs. It makes me cringe every time I hear "World War III." Please, let's call it what it is: World War IV.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crushing the Head of the Snake

Ever since September 11th, and even before, the military strategy of the United States has been to combat the forces of terror and oppression in the world. Our country is soon to be faced with what may be the ultimate showdown- war with Iran.

Iran has been at the center of nearly every middle east terror outfit since the Islamic revolution took control from the Shah in 1979. Hezbollah is sponsored by Iran. Hamas is sponsored by Iran.

Iran has been sending "resistance" fighters into Iraq to battle U.S. forces there.

It has been reported that Iranian observers were present at the recent missile tests conducted by North Korea. It is clear that Iran wishes to acquire nuclear weapons and the longer range missiles needed to fire them at countries beyond their immediate borders.

The government of Iran, like all islamo-fascists, is bent on Sharia law being brought to bear on the entire world. Anyone who does not agree is an infidel who must be killed in the name of Allah. My ass.

Thankfully, our military is now positioned to conduct a "hammer and anvil" maneuver, similar to a pincer movement. Iraq on one side, Afghanistan on the other. Iran has been feeling the heat; soon they will feel the fire of the U.S. and Coalition forces.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Why does the Left hate our military?

This is just baffling. A deployed soldier's family is murdered by an insane killer, and the lefties use his unknowable pain as a platform to vent their polluted and cancerous spleens! Here is a story about the posting on AOL news and some of the hateful and vitriolic comments added by our friends from the rabid anti-war left.

Die, Voles! Die!

The voles are up to no good again. They have invited their rodent brothers the moles to our yard. I don't mind moles because they eat the highly evil June Bug and Japanese beetle larvae. But the little bastards are tearing up my new grass. Since I killed the copperhead last year, the voles have become downright arrogant- leaving trash and beer bottles all over the yard, cussing at my kids, and making any spot they choose a new toilet facility. It's all the fault of The British Vole Appreciation Society

Thursday, July 20, 2006

First Posting

I am a libertarian. Notice the lower case "l." A conservative non-republican. I am not a kool-aid drinker to any philosophy, person, or policy. I love my wife and kids.

As for the rest, you can figure it out for yourself.