Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crushing the Head of the Snake

Ever since September 11th, and even before, the military strategy of the United States has been to combat the forces of terror and oppression in the world. Our country is soon to be faced with what may be the ultimate showdown- war with Iran.

Iran has been at the center of nearly every middle east terror outfit since the Islamic revolution took control from the Shah in 1979. Hezbollah is sponsored by Iran. Hamas is sponsored by Iran.

Iran has been sending "resistance" fighters into Iraq to battle U.S. forces there.

It has been reported that Iranian observers were present at the recent missile tests conducted by North Korea. It is clear that Iran wishes to acquire nuclear weapons and the longer range missiles needed to fire them at countries beyond their immediate borders.

The government of Iran, like all islamo-fascists, is bent on Sharia law being brought to bear on the entire world. Anyone who does not agree is an infidel who must be killed in the name of Allah. My ass.

Thankfully, our military is now positioned to conduct a "hammer and anvil" maneuver, similar to a pincer movement. Iraq on one side, Afghanistan on the other. Iran has been feeling the heat; soon they will feel the fire of the U.S. and Coalition forces.

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