Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Improbable Half-Truth

I am tiring of all this global warming nonsense. We humans could not have more than a limited and regional influence on our climate, short of nuclear war. Not to mention that climate change is a normal, cyclic occurrence. Back in the 1970's, the eco-hype was the earth is headed for a new ice age. What happened to that? Now Al Gore (the inventor of the internet) would have us believe that all sorts of global-warming-driven climactic mayhem are about to happen tomorrow! Holy crap! Sure, there are"greenhouse" gases being produced by us mere mortals, and cows are still farting away everywhere. But the majority of these gases are coming from the ocean floor.

Even if we could stop all emissions now, the earth's temperature would still rise by at least 1 degree according to the global warming people. Worst-case scenario is slightly more than six degrees. So no boiling oceans or frying-pan landscapes are in store for us. Emissions will only get lower as technology and efficiency improve. Climatologist Pat Michaels of the University of Virginia has some interesting articles here and here.

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