Friday, August 18, 2006

The Face of the Enemy

What kind of enemy are we confronted with in the War on Terror? Is there "chatter" about some new plot involving blue haired old ladies with knitting needles? Why, in this latest round of TSA malarkey, are we preventing people from carrying-on deodorant, toothpaste or mouthwash? Airliner cabins are funky enough when passengers are allowed to bring toiletries on board.

Look at all of the acts of terror commited against this Nation and her citizens. Here is a brief recap:

Marine Corps barracks bombing (by Hezbollah!) in Lebanon, 1983

Nightclub bombing in Berlin, 1986

World Trade Center bombing, 1993

Pan Am flight 103 bombing, 1988

Coordinated embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, 1998

USS Cole bombing, 2000

World Trade Center and Pentagon attack, 2001

Who commited these atrocities? Radical Islamo-Fascists. Belivers in the peaceful faith of Islam. Specifically, middle eastern men, early twenties to late forties. We need racial profiling! To Hell with political correctness.

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