Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Happy Katrina Day

This morning on CNN , Soledad O'Brien was showing off the remains of the devastation of hurricane Katrina. She eyed a wrecked/abandoned car that apparently had been there since last year. "Why is this car still here?" Soledad asked the air. She continued, using the car as launchpad for her fingerpointing spew about the failures of the Federal government.

Uh, Soledad, I have lived in a slum area before. There were cars "parked" on the street there that hadn't moved in over a year. Mine, one of the vehicles in the neighborhood which actually moved from its spot each day, was set on fire one night and would have joined the local curbside recycling program had I not taken it out of the area to be repaired. I don't seem to recall anyone from CNN, or the local stations for that matter, reporting that. Is it possible (probable) that car was there before Katrina?

And why don't we hear the same kind of vitriol about the gulf shore area around the Big N.O.? Well...Mississippi has a republican governor, and the gulf shore area is populated by white people. New Orleans is, uh, a Chocolate City , where leftist liberals and poverty pimps have been in charge for years. Which story sells more papers? An area recovering and rebuilding run by whitey, or poor poor pitiful poor black folks being abused by FEMA, et al?

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