Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Victory is the Destruction of the Enemy

Today in 1146, the crossbow was outlawed in Europe. A lame attempt to limit war. The crossbow was devastating to armor of any type or strength, deadly accurate, and easy to use. Why not use it against your enemy?

Israel is fighting a limited war against Hezbollah (Hizboola, however those maggot infested goat sodomizers want to spell it). Lebanon will not stand in the way of the Hezbos. Kinda like having your big brother (Iran via Syria via Hezbos) sucker punch the nerd kid just because he's smart and nobody likes him.

We, the United States, have fought "limited" wars before. Our Viet Nam campaign failed, in large part, because we did not pursue and destroy the enemy. Any ground we captured, we gave back to the enemy. We allowed him to regroup, refit, and redeploy. The Viet Cong and NVA knew we would pull out, and all they had to do was hold on, wait for us to leave, and declare victory.

Is history repeating itself in Iraq? The idea of a timetable is being hoisted up the flagpole. Of course the usual suspects will be saluting. Will anyone from the conservative camp be saluting as well? This is an election year, and the campaign for President begins hard upon its heels. Is this some kind of strategery to sweep the Iraq war under the magic carpet, so to speak, and give Republicans a little wiggle room? What the hell! I hope not.

Limited war results in unlimited defeat. Unlimited war results in VICTORY.

"War means fighting, and fighting means killing" Nathan Bedford Forrest

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