Sunday, September 17, 2006

Proud To Be Catholic, Part II (well, kinda)

If I were the Pope, I would not have made an apology. But I am not as wise as the Holy Father.

The Pope's apology for his controversial quotation is not what I would call waffling. It is a carefully crafted apology, using a technique which should be familiar to those who observe politics in this country: Apologizing for the reaction, not the original action.

In this case, it is clever strategery. Even though the Pope says that the quotation does "not in any way express my personal thought," he does not remove himself from condemning those who would force the world to live under sharia law through intimidation and murder.

I respectfully disagree with the Pope The quotation does represent my personal thought. I tire of hearing of the peaceful faith of Islam. Of course you can have peace when you have no enemies! Muslims are instructed to kill the infidels! And just who is an infidel? Anyone who does not believe the teachings of Islam. They are bent on genocide, and will be removed to the dustbin of history for their hate and intolerance.

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