Saturday, November 04, 2006

George Allen Wins in VA; NRA Loses Credibility.

I have been recieving mail recently to renew my NRA membership, encouraging (threatening?) me that the only way I will be able to own a firearm next year is to send them an immediate renewal. While I do agree that the NRA has done much to protect the right of the individual citizen to arm himself, I have been dissatisfied with their performance of late.

Two years ago, the NRA abandoned the Virginia Governor's race and allowed Timmy Kane to win. The polls were too far in Kane's favor for the NRA. It was a statistical dead heat, actually. Kane won by the tiniest of margins. I continue to receive urgent mailings from the NRA-PVF (Political Victory Fund - it should be "Poltroon Vacation" fund) asking for more cash for their latest misadventure.

One of these is their publishing of results from the 2006 "NRA Candidate Questionnaire." I was not aware of their underhanded treatment of Jim Webb until yesterday, when I read a letter from him explaining his position regarding the questionnaire. Apparently, it was an oversight on the NRA's part that he recieved a "?" grade, while Allen scored an "A" in their recent Vote Freedom First! mailing. Webb complained to the NRA, who quietly issued him an "A" grade on their web site.

Why does the NRA do these things? What motivates any political animal? Money and Power. The inner reasoning of the NRA is anyone's guess, but they have become rather large and powerful, especially after the passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act , in which they played a major role.

Regardless, I will not vote for Webb. I disagree with his position on virtually every other issue. And Allen will win despite the "macaca" comment, the noose hanging from a plant in his office, and his position to "arrest and prosecute seniors who purchase cheaper drugs from Canada"(claim on Webb's web site).

Since "all politics is local," I will not be renewing my NRA mmbership. Instead, I have joined the Virginia Shooting Sports Association .

UPDATE: So I was wrong. Melonhead Webb won. By masquerading as a conservative.

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