Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Looking Good for Lieberman, Part II

I would humbly direct the reader's attention to my posts of 13 August and 30 October. I called this one right, for the right reasons, and so now I shall quietly gloat for a few seconds...

In my 13 August posting, I elicited comments from a 'Repack Rider' who disagreed with my contention that Lieberman would win:

I don't know how anyone thinks Lieberman could win in November. Of course, Joe doesn't even realize yet that he lost last Tuesday, so maybe his backers are
just as delusional.

Mr 'Repack Rider' continued to berate my assessment by explaining that "Lamont will beat him like a rented mule." Please read the comments section if you enjoy nonsensical conspiracy theory liberal democrat screed, and the righteous thumping thereof. Plenty to go around.

I did not intend to whip 'Repack Rider''s rented mule in this post, so I will end by saying: Joe Lieberman is an honorable man, and an intellectually honest voice about the war. I am pleased he won, and I will be reminded every time I see the "I-Connecticut" after his name that the leftists who have hijacked the Democratic party would sell their own mothers to have and retain power. And I find it hilarious that spell-check wants to change "Lamont" to "Lament."

Oh, and, suck it.

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