Thursday, December 28, 2006

What a Scoop, Bob!

Bob Woodward can't even wait until Gerald Ford's body is cold, never mind in the ground, until he tells the world that Ford was against the premise for the war in Iraq. Bob has let us know that Ford did not buy into the whole WMD thingie, and that he believed the U.S. had no business being there. Ford told this to Woodward on the condition that it remain secret until Ford's death.

It's great to be Bob. It must be degrading for the other reporters at the Post, never getting a good scoop; living on scraps thrown away by Woodward while he writes his next best-seller.

Friday, December 15, 2006

ISG - Warning from Geoffrey Chaucer

James Baker and the ISG have 79 "interdependent" parts to their plan to end the war in Iraq. They reccomend negotiating with Iran and Syria to stop them from supplying arms and personnel to the Islamo-Fascist Terrorist Assholes in Iraq. President Bush would be well served to remember some lines from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales before negotiating with anyone of their ilk:

Therfore bihoveth hire a ful long spoon
That shal ete with a feend

Charles Krauthammer has an excellent article on this subject.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thug Life in Central Virginia

Yes, there are thugs in central Virginia. As documented on Naked Villainy, the son of Mark F--z--,the man who painted my roof this summer, and an accomplice shot and stole one of my neighbor's hogs (he is known as "Smallholder" on the N.V. site). Hogslayer and the accomplice were stupid enough to brag about the deed at a local delinquent party, and were ratted out by one of the attendees. He was sentenced in September to four months in County for the crime. Did he serve all four months? No! He was at my door a few days ago asking if I would let him go deer hunting on our land. Justice well served.

Yesterday, I was at the local grocery store, loading up in the parking lot, when I happened to notice four young teenage males approaching from the vicinity of the dollar store next door. One of them was displaying what appeared to be several boxes of candies tucked into his waistband. They crossed the street, and I went into the dollar store to inquire about them with the clerk. The clerk could not verify that the youths were in the store, as they were rather busy checking out shoppers, but she looked up at the railroad tracks across the street. As she saw them disappear between some coal cars stopped on the tracks, she said without surprise: "Huh, F--z-- boys." Spawn of the same seed.

The last bit of thuggishness, at least the last I will document here, is a little more extreme. Some might say more professional. Not long ago, a convicted felon broke into an apartment, stole a firearm, and was fleeing from a police officer when he fatally shot the cop's dog. The police officer shot the criminal once, and when he tried to recover his dropped firearm, the officer shot him again. The felon is now in prison, paralyzed. Sadly, the dog had to be euthanized. This rectal opening has now filed a $10 million suit against everyone involved in his prosecution and incarceration. He is in solitary confinement because his wheelchair could be used as a weapon. No T.V., no library access, and shitting and pissing in a bag can make one bitter, I guess. He's lucky he did not receive the alternative: Summary justice at the scene.

Local weekly paper The Hook has a good story about this last incident.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Leftist Nirvana: Glory Days Redux

With the leftists now in control of both houses of Congress (yes, my prediction was wrong) rabid salivation has begun anew.

Virginia's Senator-elect Jim Webb won his seat by appearing conservative, after a fashion. But he is no conservative where the war in Iraq is concerned. His insolent attitude towards the President belies his true intention: To end the war at all costs, even at the expense of victory. His flip display of wearing his son's combat boots on the campaign trail is proof positive that Mr. Webb is more concerned with political expediency than with the welfare of our troops and the support of their mission. His is a statement of the sad state of leftist affairs.

Interference with the conduct of the war in Viet Nam by leftist politicians and their willing accomplices in the national media directly resulted in a defeat of U.S. forces. It is happening again. No one wants to be in a war, but sometimes a war is necessary to ensure a lasting peace. Right or wrong, how the present war in Iraq began is not the issue. Having the mettle to do what is necessary to achieve victory is the challenge before us. Politicians like the former Boy-Mayor of Cleveland, Dennis Kucinich, are a despicable lot. Kucinich advocates cutting off funding for the war and letting our military twist in the wind (sidebar: Kucinich bankrupted Cleveland as mayor, and rejected a multi-million dollar Federal grant to build a rail transit system).

I don't want to hear any hippies saying "We stopped a WAR, man!" I want to hear that victory has been achieved in Iraq, that the Iraqi government is taking control of it own security and defense, and that our troops are standing down and returning home in triumph.

'No Substitute for Victory': The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism by John Lewis

Friday, December 01, 2006

Who Gives a Crap About Kramer?

Michael Richards can say whaterver he wants to say, to whomever he wishes to say it. And Jesse Jackson needs to shut the hell up. The esteemed Reverend is giving out bad career advice. If Kramer (and that is all he will ever be, Motherfucking Nigger or not, apology or not) wants to stay in the public eye, he needs to keep calling black people Motherfucking Stupid Niggers every day. Maybe a few Buttfucking Stupid Fags, and a sprinkling of Stupid Bitch to round out the offense. As his media attention wanes again, he could use Stupid Slant-Eyed Slope to bring it back.

The point is, no one cares. More accurately, no one should care. And to the excrement ladles that were heckling him: What were you expecting?