Sunday, December 03, 2006

Leftist Nirvana: Glory Days Redux

With the leftists now in control of both houses of Congress (yes, my prediction was wrong) rabid salivation has begun anew.

Virginia's Senator-elect Jim Webb won his seat by appearing conservative, after a fashion. But he is no conservative where the war in Iraq is concerned. His insolent attitude towards the President belies his true intention: To end the war at all costs, even at the expense of victory. His flip display of wearing his son's combat boots on the campaign trail is proof positive that Mr. Webb is more concerned with political expediency than with the welfare of our troops and the support of their mission. His is a statement of the sad state of leftist affairs.

Interference with the conduct of the war in Viet Nam by leftist politicians and their willing accomplices in the national media directly resulted in a defeat of U.S. forces. It is happening again. No one wants to be in a war, but sometimes a war is necessary to ensure a lasting peace. Right or wrong, how the present war in Iraq began is not the issue. Having the mettle to do what is necessary to achieve victory is the challenge before us. Politicians like the former Boy-Mayor of Cleveland, Dennis Kucinich, are a despicable lot. Kucinich advocates cutting off funding for the war and letting our military twist in the wind (sidebar: Kucinich bankrupted Cleveland as mayor, and rejected a multi-million dollar Federal grant to build a rail transit system).

I don't want to hear any hippies saying "We stopped a WAR, man!" I want to hear that victory has been achieved in Iraq, that the Iraqi government is taking control of it own security and defense, and that our troops are standing down and returning home in triumph.

'No Substitute for Victory': The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism by John Lewis

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