Friday, December 01, 2006

Who Gives a Crap About Kramer?

Michael Richards can say whaterver he wants to say, to whomever he wishes to say it. And Jesse Jackson needs to shut the hell up. The esteemed Reverend is giving out bad career advice. If Kramer (and that is all he will ever be, Motherfucking Nigger or not, apology or not) wants to stay in the public eye, he needs to keep calling black people Motherfucking Stupid Niggers every day. Maybe a few Buttfucking Stupid Fags, and a sprinkling of Stupid Bitch to round out the offense. As his media attention wanes again, he could use Stupid Slant-Eyed Slope to bring it back.

The point is, no one cares. More accurately, no one should care. And to the excrement ladles that were heckling him: What were you expecting?

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