Sunday, January 07, 2007

All Ears in Boston

The City of Boston is seriously considering buying an acoustic detection system to track gunshots, with the intention of reducing homicides and gunshot injuries.

The intent, as with all liberal endeavors, is well-meaning. But good intentions do not get the job done. Boston, as even a casual observer will agree, is a liberal town with highly restrictive firearms laws. A concealed carry permit is virtually unobtainable for the average citizen. Honest people are prohibited from owning and carrying firearms which would protect them from the armed criminals in their midst. It works every time it is tried: Allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves, and violent crime decreases dramatically. The criminals will think twice about giving up their lives for whatever criminal enterprise in which they may be engaged.

Another thing about liberal endeavors: Almost without exception, they are colossal money wasters. Will this acoustic bang-bang detector actually work? The manufacturer says it does, that it can even tell the type and caliber of firearm being shot. I would wager that it can't tell the difference between a car backfiring, a balloon popping, or an extremely loud fart.

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