Saturday, January 27, 2007

Continuation of Politics by Other Means

This weekend in Washington, D.C., there will be a major rally of thousands of barking moonbat pox-faced sons of whores to protest the war in Iraq . The usual suspects including vacuous professional pretenders from Hollywood and their friends the castrati luminaries from our Federal government are scheduled to be in attendance. And the righteous indignation shall flow.

The estimates for the number of attendees will be inflated, and the protest will be made to seem a huge success; a representation of the true feelings of the majority of Americans.

By the way, the word majority needs some discussion, especially in relation to the popular word democracy. A Democracy seeks a majority on all issues. It is the essence of Mob Rule. These words, democracy and majority are often thrown about in reference to our system of government. To those of you with a civics deficit, we do not have a democracy (gasp!). We are a representative republic. We use a democratic system to elect our representatives. And our president is the Commander-in-Chief of our military (N.B.- the movie U-571 has a scene where the ranking officer is in a dispute with a subordinate, whom he punches in the face and says: "This is not a goddamn democracy!"). The President decides when to flex our military muscle, not the testicle-challenged milquetoasts in congress.

In summary, should we have this protest in D.C. this weekend? Yes, please. They will demonstrate to the world once more what a spineless idiot looks like.

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