Sunday, February 11, 2007

Must Be the Global Warming, Part II

What are we to believe? Can our size 14EEE carbon footprints be causing global warming? If you believe that, how do you explain record snowfall and low temperatures in many parts of the country?

What is a large source of our carbon emissions? The burning of "fossil" fuels for energy and transportation. How can we reduce, or even eliminate, the burning of "fossil" fuels? The answer is not ethanol. While there is merit to the use of ethanol as a motor fuel (Germany made great advances in the production and use of ethanol after their oil supply wore thin during WWII), it is only practical on a small scale because it requires as much oil to farm the corn and produce and distribute the alcohol as our current system uses.

WARNING! Enviro-Socialist Wackos: Break out the Depends undergarments NOW! The answer is Nuclear Energy. It is clean, efficient, safe (yes, safe: France has been doing it for over 30 years), and cheap. It can be used to make electricity for normal power needs. The electricity can also be used to make hydrogen, which can be used as a motor fuel. And NO CARBON! Why don't you people who love the earth so much get on the Nuke bandwagon? I guess you are too busy wearing your hind parts for hats.

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