Monday, February 05, 2007

Must Be the Global Warming

How can there be record low temperatures across the country when we have the spectre of Global Warming looming over us? Some liberal kook scientist will be able to explain that somehow record lows are caused by CO2 emissions, even though it is a "greenhouse" gas responsible for global warming as well.

Has anyone considered Global Warming/Kook Environmentalism as a religion? I heard a discussion on the radio recently about this theory. It has all the appearance of a religion: An "eden," the earth in a pristine state before man had eaten of the tree of knowledge, a "fall," man's destruction of the earth and its resources through industrialism, "sin," failing to recycle and use green products, a "messiah," Al Gore or whomever the wackos are in love with at the moment, and "salvation," meaning sustainability. As with all religions, it is based in faith. Faith is the belief in something which cannot be proven.

And like other religions, this one has been hijacked by corrupt individuals to advance their agenda and cement their power. Kook Environmentalism is anti-western, anti-industrial, anti-free market, anti-capitalist, anti-american, anti-freedom, and yes, anti-human.

By the way, if you think CO2 emissions are too high, and are responsible for the destruction of the planet through global warming: STOP BREATHING!

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