Monday, February 05, 2007

Two Americas?

Sane America and Crazy America, apparently.

A liberal screed-artist has taken the helm of the blog at

Amanda Marcotte from is quite unable to write a blog posting without using the "F" word at least once. A little sample from a posting about birth control:

One thing I vow here and now–you motherfuckers who want to ban birth control will never sleep. I will fuck without making children day in and out and you will know it and you won’t be able to stop it. Toss and turn, you mean, jealous motherfuckers. I’m not going to be “punished” with babies. Which makes all your efforts a failure. Some non-procreating women escaped. So give up now. You’ll never catch all of us. Give up now.

I guess someone needs to appeal to the loony left since Howard Dean is not running.

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