Friday, March 09, 2007

The Iraq War Has Its General Grant

(This image stolen from somewhere and used without permission)

A new commander and a new strategy was badly needed in Iraq. Much like our own Civil War, we have tried various commanders with some limited successes. And like that war, we have been unable to achieve a decisive victory without a determined commander and a winning strategy. General David Petraeus is showing the "insurgents" (Islamo-Fascist Terrorist Assholes) that there is a new sheriff in town.

And he has new rules to play by. The new Army Field Manual, fm3-24, is the IFTA's nightmare. A quote from chapter 5, "Executing Counterinsurgency Operations:"

It is a persistently methodical approach and steady pressure which will gradually wear the insurgent down. The government must not allow itself to be diverted either by counter moves on the part of the insurgent or by the critics on its own side who will be seeking a simpler and quicker solution. There are no short-cuts and no gimmicks.

Sir Robert Thompson, Defeating Communist Insurgency: The Lessons of Malaya and Vietnam, 1966

Need we say more?

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