Friday, March 16, 2007

Valerie Plame, Sooper Sekrit Agent

How "covert" are you if you drive to CIA headquarters in Langley in your own car after dropping the kids at school? Every day? And would you be at a cocktail party with your husband, who introduces you as his "secret agent" wife? And would you allow pictures of yourself at said party to be published in a national magazine? Even if the name of your employer was not common knowledge, as Plame claims, would anyone know at all if you were truly a "covert operative?"

The media, and even supposedly right-wing Fox News, all refer to Plame as a "covert operative" of the CIA who has been "outed." If she was really covert, she would be working for some company, which may or may not be a CIA front, with what is commonly known as a "cover" identity. The point is, she was just another mid-level employee at Langley, helping the bureaucracy to churn.

And the proper term is "blown cover," not "outed." No one has said she is gay.

I can't believe anyone falls for this nonsense.

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