Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beating Ann Coulter

No, not physically. Alcohol and Ammo has beaten Ann Coulter for the coveted #1 slot for Google searches of "pinky abramoff hitlery sweet cattle futures deal."

#5 on Google

Alcohol and Ammunition is #5 for Google searches of "leftist antiwar weenie" at the time of this post.

Victory Plan for the War in Iraq

I have not yet read The Troops Need You, America! by Major Eric England, USAR, but the outline at the previous link covers many overlooked and unconventional strategies. Anyone who has any military experience knows the following, from point #2, has been true of our military for some time:

The staffs of higher military echelons in Iraq, such as division and corps, consider themselves combat forces and expect commensurate support, but it is actually the lower echelons, battalion and company, that are engaged in combat and should be supported. To develop a support mindset at higher echelons, the military should change the top-down training model so leaders at each level understand that their role in Iraq will vary between command and support. Assuming the latter role can be a difficult shift for some rank-conscious conventional commanders, but it is critical for effective counter-insurgency.

Other unconventional ideas include handing out U.S. cash, not coupons, to locals who are able to inform on insurgent activity. Major England also advocates giving the locals a cell phone, a video camera, and a laptop to directly report their observations to the local U.S./Iraqui command.

The last part of the outline describes a plan to counterattack the MSM message of defeat (a flaming car bomb has sex appeal on the nightly network news). Units would have a designated media person/blogger to produce reports weekly, sending them directly to the Pentagon, bypassing the bottleneck of internal bureaucracy. The best of these would be released to the public: "Pentagon complaints about media bias represent a lack of focus. We must provide credible, visually compelling stories to fill the media vacuum and contest the adversary’s current dominance of the information war in Iraq."

In summary:

The U.S. can succeed in Iraq without abandoning our strategy. The operational status quo, however, must change. Leaders in Washington and Baghdad should listen to the soldiers on the ground and make these six changes to better enable our brave troops to finish the mission our nation sent them to do.

Please visit here to contribute and/or buy the book if you are so inclined.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Enemy

"This War is Lost." I would expect to hear this from the Islamo-Fascists with whom we are currently engaged. I would not expect to hear it from the Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate. But then the "majority" is being lead by a Leftist Anti-War Weenie: Senator Harry 'Pinky' Reid, D-Nevada. Pinky is always looking out for his own behind, and the wallet parked on top of it. From Wikipedia:

In the wake of the 2006 corruption conviction of Jack Abramoff, media criticism led over four dozen Congressmen, as well as President Bush, to return campaign donations associated with Abramoff. Reid did not receive any contributions from Abramoff, but Reid had contact with clients and lobbying partners of Abramoff, and Reid's campaign received over $60,000 in contributions from these groups, including about $50,000 from Native American gaming interests. Several times, Native American tribes that were clients of Jack Abramoff donated money to Reid after Reid's votes produced favorable results for the tribes. According to an Associated press article, "Reid collected donations around the time of each action. Ethics rules require senators to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest in collecting contributions around the times they take official acts benefiting donors."

Not to mention the land deal where Pinky more than doubled his money. Harry Reid collected $1.1 million in 2001 on land he owned through a limited liability company. He purchased the land in 1998 for $400,000. He must use the same broker that got Hitlery the sweet cattle futures deal. The dirty laundry, as with nearly any politician, goes on and on.

But wars are not about dirty laundry (I am resisting, unsuccessfully, an urge to mention a stained blue dress and a few cruise missiles). Wars are fought by Nations. Wars are won or lost by Nations. Personal and political gain, not to mention fashion, are not factors that should weigh heavily in one's decision weather to support a war or not. Doing what is right is the only factor worth considering. Despite the premise for the war, we are in it. Welcome to grown-up land.

If we quit now, who wins? If we quit now, will the Islam-Fascists just go back to their holes in the sand and leave us alone? If we quit now, will we have to worry about another 9-11?

If we quit now, the enemy wins. If we quit now, the Islamo-Fascists will breed like cockroaches in a flophouse and pursue the eradication of freedom and liberty from the earth. If we quit now, you'd better believe there will be another large scale attack, more astonishing and tragic than 9-11.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The image below is not a photoshop. I found it at blackfive. A cav trooper shows the MSM Photog what proper indexing looks like:

Need we say more?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Failure and Inefficacy

In light of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, I would like to express my heartfelt sympathies to all family and friends whose loved ones were injured and lost.

In the days immediately following the incident, blame was laid on guns. There were a few calls for stricter gun laws. But the laws failed that day, chief among them the prohibition of firearms on the Virginia Tech campus.

The killer's handguns were obtained legally through a gun store, after the required background check. He even waited the required 30 days before making a second handgun purchase. The killer was obviously a planner, as the last I heard there were about 70 or so "clips" used. If the "clips" were high-capacity (let's say 10 rounds per magazine, per the Clinton Gun Ban), that's over 700 rounds being carried. They would weigh several pounds.

The only effective responses to the tragedy that day were the students who barricaded the door to their classroom, and Professor Liviu Librescu, a holocaust survivor who stood between his students and the killer so that they could escape out the windows.

If any change to our gun control laws needs to be made, it should be to loosen all restrictions on where a concealed handgun permit holder may carry a firearm. Consider the possibility of the Va Tech killer meeting just one person with a gun as he begins his carnage...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Virginia Income Tax Laws: Speeding into the 20th Century

The "e-filing" of our IRS 1040 and associated schedules, etc. was a snap. The State (Commonwealth) return was a little different. The tax software starts with:

Before you e-file your Virginia return, you need to read and sign Form VA-8453. In Virginia, an electronically transmitted tax return is not considered complete unless Form VA-8453 is signed prior to transmission.

Once your return is accepted, the Declaration Control Number (DCN) assigned to your return will be displayed. Please enter it on Form VA-8453. You must retain this form, its attachments (such as Form(s) W-2, W-2G, and 1099R), as well as a paper copy of your return for up to four years from the due date of the return and make them available to the state upon request.

Click the Print Signature Form button to print the completed form.

And then there is an even more excited statement to the same effect on the declaration form itself. This time in bold 18-point ALL CAPS. The important stuff that I am signing away to the VA Department of Taxation I need a magnifying glass to read.

The main point: The Commonwealth has given us yet another piece of paper we have to retain for our records. What an amazing modern age we live in.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Body Count

No, not the lateast on the war in Iraq.

The Voles are back this spring with a vengeance. I have already scored two confirmed kills with the Crossman Pumpmaster 760 (with 4x scope). I am trying a new pellet this year, a Gamo Rocket Ballistic Tip Pellet. It is essentially a BB stuck on the end of a conventional pellet. It is highly accurate, as both of my kills were single shots requiring no "finishing off."

You callous cold-hearted mousekiller! Voles have a right to live just like you! Inflicting physical pain and harm on a defenseless animal is DISGUSTING!

My kids have a right not to be bitten, and perhaps killed, by a copperhead. I have killed those, too. Voles attract copperheads, and the easiest way to keep a snake out of the garden is to not let him in in the first place.

Tax Time Story

Please read this entertaining and enlightening story about taxes . It will give you more knowledge of how our tax system works than is possessed by over half of the "taxpayers" in this country.

You should be able to figure out which half by the end of the story.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Dialated Pupils

Nancy Pelosi's 'trip' to the Middle East has been effective, if only for her own selfish purposes. Here she is sampling the local cannabis. You would think in an area so well known for marijuana cultivation and hashish manufacture that Ms. Pelosi would be able to scrounge up more weed. Looks like the roach of a NY pinner. Quality, not quantity, I suppose.

Obviously, she's high on something.

Aside: The word assassin is a derivation of the word hashish.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lest She Forget

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, is dancing with the devil. She must be blissfully unaware of the Syrian government's complicity in the many assassinations of anti-Syrian Lebanese. Not to mention blissfully unaware of her inability to set policy for the United States. She supposedly has made a "peace gesture" to Syria on behalf of Israel. Syria is a sponsor of Hezbollah and Hamas, both anti-Israel terrorist organizations.

The Socialist Democrat Ant-War Weenies will not rest until they have divided our house against itself. They are invested in defeat, and the destruction of the United States and our traditional American values of freedom and liberty.

Aside: Negotiations and diplomacy are ineffective unless you have the ability, and the willingness, to kick the other guy in the balls.