Friday, April 13, 2007

Body Count

No, not the lateast on the war in Iraq.

The Voles are back this spring with a vengeance. I have already scored two confirmed kills with the Crossman Pumpmaster 760 (with 4x scope). I am trying a new pellet this year, a Gamo Rocket Ballistic Tip Pellet. It is essentially a BB stuck on the end of a conventional pellet. It is highly accurate, as both of my kills were single shots requiring no "finishing off."

You callous cold-hearted mousekiller! Voles have a right to live just like you! Inflicting physical pain and harm on a defenseless animal is DISGUSTING!

My kids have a right not to be bitten, and perhaps killed, by a copperhead. I have killed those, too. Voles attract copperheads, and the easiest way to keep a snake out of the garden is to not let him in in the first place.

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