Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Enemy

"This War is Lost." I would expect to hear this from the Islamo-Fascists with whom we are currently engaged. I would not expect to hear it from the Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate. But then the "majority" is being lead by a Leftist Anti-War Weenie: Senator Harry 'Pinky' Reid, D-Nevada. Pinky is always looking out for his own behind, and the wallet parked on top of it. From Wikipedia:

In the wake of the 2006 corruption conviction of Jack Abramoff, media criticism led over four dozen Congressmen, as well as President Bush, to return campaign donations associated with Abramoff. Reid did not receive any contributions from Abramoff, but Reid had contact with clients and lobbying partners of Abramoff, and Reid's campaign received over $60,000 in contributions from these groups, including about $50,000 from Native American gaming interests. Several times, Native American tribes that were clients of Jack Abramoff donated money to Reid after Reid's votes produced favorable results for the tribes. According to an Associated press article, "Reid collected donations around the time of each action. Ethics rules require senators to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest in collecting contributions around the times they take official acts benefiting donors."

Not to mention the land deal where Pinky more than doubled his money. Harry Reid collected $1.1 million in 2001 on land he owned through a limited liability company. He purchased the land in 1998 for $400,000. He must use the same broker that got Hitlery the sweet cattle futures deal. The dirty laundry, as with nearly any politician, goes on and on.

But wars are not about dirty laundry (I am resisting, unsuccessfully, an urge to mention a stained blue dress and a few cruise missiles). Wars are fought by Nations. Wars are won or lost by Nations. Personal and political gain, not to mention fashion, are not factors that should weigh heavily in one's decision weather to support a war or not. Doing what is right is the only factor worth considering. Despite the premise for the war, we are in it. Welcome to grown-up land.

If we quit now, who wins? If we quit now, will the Islam-Fascists just go back to their holes in the sand and leave us alone? If we quit now, will we have to worry about another 9-11?

If we quit now, the enemy wins. If we quit now, the Islamo-Fascists will breed like cockroaches in a flophouse and pursue the eradication of freedom and liberty from the earth. If we quit now, you'd better believe there will be another large scale attack, more astonishing and tragic than 9-11.

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