Sunday, April 15, 2007

Virginia Income Tax Laws: Speeding into the 20th Century

The "e-filing" of our IRS 1040 and associated schedules, etc. was a snap. The State (Commonwealth) return was a little different. The tax software starts with:

Before you e-file your Virginia return, you need to read and sign Form VA-8453. In Virginia, an electronically transmitted tax return is not considered complete unless Form VA-8453 is signed prior to transmission.

Once your return is accepted, the Declaration Control Number (DCN) assigned to your return will be displayed. Please enter it on Form VA-8453. You must retain this form, its attachments (such as Form(s) W-2, W-2G, and 1099R), as well as a paper copy of your return for up to four years from the due date of the return and make them available to the state upon request.

Click the Print Signature Form button to print the completed form.

And then there is an even more excited statement to the same effect on the declaration form itself. This time in bold 18-point ALL CAPS. The important stuff that I am signing away to the VA Department of Taxation I need a magnifying glass to read.

The main point: The Commonwealth has given us yet another piece of paper we have to retain for our records. What an amazing modern age we live in.

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