Monday, May 21, 2007

Amnesty Now! Part II (Post #100 on A+A)

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The wonderful and magnificent U.S. Senate is now debating the 'shamnesty' bill, which was created in a sooper sekrit meeting with key Senators and the President. It was so sooper sekrit (on the level of double secret probation) that many Senators have not yet had a chance to stick their fingers in the air to determine the direction of the winds of public opinion on the matter.

One of Virginia's U.S. Senators, John Warner, has a poor rating from immigration

Overall, Senator John Warner has a poor record when it comes to immigration reform. Senator John Warner actively encourages more illegal immigration to our country and is in our opinion a threat to this nation. We cannot give John Warner our seal of approval.

No information was available about Jim "Pistol Pete" Webb, but I can only guess he is in favor of the shamnesty bill.

12 million illegal aliens. We will never be able to deport them all. Why could we not prevent them from entering in the first place? Why can we not deport those whom we catch, and keep them out?

If it were not for the war, I would not have voted for the chimperor. He is no conservative.

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