Friday, May 18, 2007

Amnesty Now!

Yes, I admit. I am a law-and-order type, especially when it comes to illegal immigration. Strong arguments have been made against illegal immigration from all angles: economy, national security, cultural prservation, etc. But the most basic is respect for the rule of law.

An analogy: Should people who run stop signs not be given citations solely because many of them go unnoticed by law enforcement?

I once served on a federal grand jury. It was kind of like the National Guard. Two days a month for six months. Anyway, the bulk of the cases we dealt with were drug (methamphetamine) cases. In the overwhelming majority of these cases, several individuals were indicted who were, and hopefully are and will remain, illegal aliens. Not "post-amnesty citizens of the United States." Without exception, these individuals had been arrested and turned over to the INS for deportation on more than one occasion. Emphasis on more than one occasion.

What are we doing? We are acting as if there is something wrong with us, that we have broken the law.

Michelle Malkin has more to say on the subject.

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