Monday, May 28, 2007


What are we to make of the recent various statements made by the Iranian government? The U.S. ambassador in Iraq met with an ambassador from Iran in Baghdad today. The Iranian ambassador's own statements are contradictory, and the statements made by the Iranian foreign minister (at the same time as the meeting of the ambassadors) are inflammatory:

Speaking in Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the United States should admit its Middle East policy has failed.

"We are hopeful that Washington's realistic approach to the current issues of Iraq by confessing its failed policy in Iraq and the region and by showing a determination to changing the policy guarantees success of the talks and possible further talks,'' Mottaki said.

For whatever reason, the Iranian government thinks it should be involved in what it terms a "trilateral security mechanism," with the U.S., Iraq, and Iran involved as equals. Sure. Sounds great. Just like the Nazis. Let's review:

1. Iran is controlled by radical Islamo-Fascists.
2. Iran continues to supply the Islamo-Facists in Iraq with men and materiel.
3. Iran has a nuclear weapons program (sure, this reactor's just for energy production).
4. Iran continues to make hostile statments against the United States at all levels of government.
5. Iran is openly hostile towards Israel, calling for the "destruction of the Zionists."

And why does the AP headline read "U.S., Iran Reach Iraq Policy Consensus ?"

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