Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Doing the Job in Iraq

Another inspiring post at iraqthemodel. Omar writes about why the U.S. military is needed (and wanted) in Iraq. A paragraph from his post "Don't bury your heads in the sand :"
The American forces should stay in Iraq and yes, reinforcements should be sent if the situation required. Not only that, these forces should be prepared to expand their operations whenever and wherever necessary in the region to strike hard on the nests of evil that not only threaten the middle east but seeking to blackmail the whole world in the ugliest way through pursuing nuclear weapons in a feverish desire to destroy themselves along with everyone else. It's a delusional obsession with power derived from the false belief that only they possess absolute justice while denying the right to exist to anyone who disagrees with them.

I tire of leftists who toe the MSM's "quagmire" line.

My neighbors' son just returned from his second tour in Iraq as a Marine sniper. Welcome home, Marcus.

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