Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today at the local village celebration day, one of Smallholder's (from Naked Villainy) ewes gave birth to a lamb. The humble manure-splattered Smallholder had a petting zoo featuring a few of his farm's animals at the festivities when, suddenly, the time was right.

Smallholder made an announcement to everyone in attendance (a few hundred) that a lamb was being born, and anyone who wished may come and watch. The band was upstaged somewhat by the ewe, as it labored and delivered an apparently healthy new lamb. Everyone was pleased, and Smallholder found a few potential new clients for his excellent farm products.

Which gets me to another point. Before the parade, Mrs. Polymath and I were holding two other lambs which were born a few days earlier. Smallholder would carry one, and pull the wagon holding his #1 son and the other lamb. Several people came up to pet the lambs, and to say how cute they were. A female teenager, who apparently met the lambs (and Smallholder) previously, was informing everyone that one was an unnamed male. An older woman she spoke to inquired as to why he would not be named. When she was informed by the young lady that the males are raised for meat, and therefore unnamed, her reply was: "Eww! Yuck!"

She is either a PETA type, or suffers from intellectual dishonesty.

Smallholder's animals live a good life, far better than most farm animals. That's why they taste so good!

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