Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Islamo-Fascist Terror Hits Home (Almost, Again)

Six Muslims have been arrested for plotting to kill American Soldiers at Fort Dix. They were brought to the attention of the FBI after having a video of themselves (shouting "Allah Akbar," etc, etc,) while firing guns at a range.

No wonder their plot failed, they are no smarter than stupid teenagers who shoot videos of themselves firing paintball guns at motorists or setting cats on fire. Oops, sorry Mom, you were not supposed to see it! Other than that dumb move, these guys were serious about their attack. They were planning for months, and even discussed the possibility of attacking an Air Base nearby.

The story makes me wonder what would have happened had they carried out their plot. Would the MPs (or whomever would be on guard duty at the time) have sufficient armament to prevent, or at least put down, an attack? I can remember being on active duty in the U.S. Army. Whenever I had to pull Post guard duty, we were only given three (3) rounds in a magazine. Said magazine was not even to be latched into the magazine well on the rifle, let alone a round locked and loaded. I thought, what is the point of this? You trust me enough to carry live rounds and a rifle, you place me (in the uniform of my country) in harm's way, and expect me to defend myself and others with three little 5.56 rounds? Hopefully things have changed since then.

Thank God for the John Doe at the store who turned in these rectal openings.

Michelle Malkin has the whole story, including text of the affadavits from the FBI.

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