Thursday, May 03, 2007

May Day (and May 2nd) at Fidel's

Everyone in the MSM was covering the May Day festivities in Havana. An hour could not pass without some comment about Fidel being too sick to attend, and how the (communist) island nation struggles to survive under the U.S. trade embargo that has been in place since 1962. The United States, according to the MSM, is the cause of Cuba's demise

The MSM likes to point out how the poor Cuban people struggle with American automobiles from the late '50s, and parts are in limited supply. From wikipedia:
Nevertheless, Peugeot, Hyundai, Lada, Fiat, Toyota and Chery have dealers in Cuba, and government agencies purchase cars in foreign countries (usually Canada or Mexico) and import them. There are several modern American cars and trucks in Cuba despite the embargo, the most common being the Chevrolet Tracker. Critics of Cuba in the United States blame the transport situation on the failings of Cuba's economic policies.

"Government agencies purchase cars in foreign countries" should read: "Government agents purchase cars (for themselves and their girlfriends) in foreign countries." But the last line says it all. And it is not limited to transportation. Cuba's problems come from its failed economic policies. Their economic policies fail because they are a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP.

The rest of the world, as illustrated by the above quotation, is free to trade with Cuba. I sure love a good Cuban cigar. And a pressed cubano sandwich is very satisfying, especially late at night, as the Cubans like them.

Strange coincidence with May Day: Today in the worker's paradise of Cuba, a hijacking was attempted to the United States. One hijacker was killed.

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