Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day, Part III (John Edwards, STFU!)

Makes me puke. From the comments at johnedwards.com :

I am afraid that I have come to see you interested in supporting your own goals and dreams of power versus truly supporting the troops and those that have given their lives for this great country. When you come out on Memorial Day and use this special day in honor of our brave who have given the ultimate sacrifice.. and play politics... strictly for your gain... irrespective of those that have made a sacrifice that you could never fathom. Those that have given their all are of every party and belief, but with something in common that you could never imagine... putting the country and their brothers and sisters beside them ahead of their own interests. Get back in touch with what this country really wants... someone that is serving the true needs and interests of this country.. and not putting themselves first. That is the difference between a professional politician and an outstanding public servant. You have lost my vote, as I now see you as the professional politician. I am truly disappointed in what I have seen you become over the previous months.

Edwards says: We're already well into our weekend of activities to show our support for the troops and determination to end the war.
Why don't you and the rest of your deodorant impaired hippie leftist weenie crowd pick another day to protest? I had this post in the chamber for yesterday, but considered it in foul taste to even blog about your disrespect to our Nation's fallen heroes on Memorial day. Get lost, Breck Girl.

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