Tuesday, May 29, 2007

U.S. Isolates Man Infected With Super-TB

Reuters has a story about a man infected with what is called extensive drug resistant tuberculosis. Sounds nasty. And yes, it's catching. Enough for the CDC to quarantine the man, who exposed others to the disease while traveling on commercial airliners to and from Europe. It is the first such quarantine since 1963. The CDC is looking for the passengers who my have been seated near the man on the plane.

Why not look for them all? They should all be quarantined after being in an enclosed environment with the man, rebreathing every one of his exhalations (not to mention the exhalations, belches, farts, and sneezes of everyone else)

Thanks to Drudge for the story.


The Maximum Leader said...

I have read that there have been past studies of people who have traveled on airplanes with people infected with TB. Apparently, the chance of infection drops dramatically when you go more than a few feet from the infected person.

This is my understanding as to why the whole plane full of passengers is not being immediately sought after...

I am also of the understanding that TB's long gestational period give public health people plenty of time to find everyone on the plane, which appears to be the goal still.

Polymath said...

I will have to ask the missus (an RN) about it when she gets home. And there is also the story of the border agent who let the man re-enter the country unchecked. Need to read more about that.

The Maximum Leader said...

Apparently the border guard let the man through because "he didn't look sick."

Yes... My skin is feeling all crawly now too..