Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some Men Just Need Killin'

An intruder, and known criminal, was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. The man had forced his way into the officer's home in an attempt to escape other officers who had been pursuing him in an auto chase.

A Case for Summary Justice

Islamo-Fascist Terrorists being held in Guantanamo are one step closer to being set free. The President, and several of our elected leaders, have decided closing the detention facility is an important thing to do.

The jihadis being held in Guantanamo are not subject to protection under the Geneva Convention. They were enemy combatants, captured on the battlefield, without uniforms. The Geneva Convention does not state that individuals in the above circumstances be treated as prisoners of war. They could have been (and still could be) executed on the spot, without trial or "appeals process." But we are a civilized nation, and we value intelligence that will help us win the war. Hence the detention of these illegal enemy combatants at Guantanamo.

Keeping the facility open may not be the right thing to do. But transferring them to Ft. Leavenworth or anywhere else inside the U.S. is a terrible idea. It will afford them rights just as real as the rights we want to grant to illegal aliens. Better to execute them all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Must Be the Global Warming, Part IV: Commie China

The headline, "China overtakes US as world's biggest CO2 emitter," can not be good for the enviro-leftist wackos. But they will somehow figure a way to blame the U.S. for China's heavy reliance on coal for energy production. Never mind the two-a-day pace of factory construction in China. If we would only help them: and costs are major barriers to achieving energy efficiency in China... it will be hard to alter the nation's dependency on coal in the short term. What China needs, said a government spokesman, is international cooperation in helping China move toward a low-carbon economy.

John Travolta: Blaming Drugs

In an interview in W magazine, John Travolta blames therapeutic drugs and psychological counseling for the "recent school shootings." As everyone knows, Mr. Travolta is an expert in the field of psychiatry and pharmacology.

One can only assume Travolta would be speaking of the murders at Virginia Tech. In this situation, the shooter would have greatly benefited from more psychological counseling and perhaps a prescription or two that would have helped him to control his behavior. It is sad that this did not happen.

This is just an exercise in passing the buck. Blame the gun, the drugs (or lack of them), or whatever else you want. It is the actions of the individual that caused the result.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Old Pot and Kettle Thing

President Bush never met a spending bill he didn't like, until now. The President disagrees with adding, at the suggestion of the Socialist Democrats, an extra $22 billion to his already bloated budget proposal of $933 billion. That's $933,000,000,000 if you show all the zeros. The President has threatened to dust off the seldom used (twice in 6 years) veto pen and make the additional $22,000,000,000 bleed red ink:
President George W. Bush blasted Democrats on Saturday for bloated annual federal spending bills and threatened to use his veto liberally, despite failing to carry out similar threats in the past.

And then there's this little gem:
"By keeping taxes low and restraining federal spending, we can meet my plan to have a balanced budget by 2012," he said. "The Democrats in Congress are trying to take us in a different direction."

Why do politicians always make statements like this? Mr President: Why can't we have a balanced budget at the end of your (second) term, instead of the beginning of the next guy's (sexist usage intended) term?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Napa Valley Appellation Recognized in Europe

Napa Valley is now recognized as a Geographic Indication (GI) in Europe. About time. The Frogs have bitched (rightly so) about their Champagne for years. Which is why an American, or other non-Champagne region, sparkling wine is not called "Champagne." These wines will usually say "methode champagnoise" instead.

In all, it is good for the consumer to know what he or she is getting.

More Offal Goodness

A new magazine called meatpaper has an article about Chris Cosentino, the man behind the blog offalgood. Careful readers will recognize this as the inspiration for my post about Cosentino's marinated and braised pig head recipe.

In the article, Cosentino makes some thoughtful observations about eating meat, an how far removed most meat eaters are from the raising and slaughtering of the animals they consume. It makes me happy to know that the animals my family likes to eat come from our neighbor and friend, the humble manure-splattered Smallholder.

When asked where he draws the line, Cosentino said he is not going to rush out and buy an order of penis, but would eat it if it was served to him. Cooked, I hope.

Communist Back-Stabbers

The Washington Times, in a story by Bill Gertz, reports that China is arming the Islamo-Facist Terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan through Iran. A laundry list of weapons, millions of rounds of ammunition, and components for building IEDs were included in the Chinese shipments as recently as three months ago. Described as "late model," they are not leftovers from Saddam, and are of a type not previously used by the Islamo-Facist Terrorists. The Iranians even requested that serial numbers be removed from said weapons.

From the article:

The Bush administration has been trying to hide or downplay the intelligence reports to protect its pro-business policies toward China, and to continue to claim that China is helping the United States in the war on terrorism. U.S. officials have openly criticized Iran for the arms transfers but so far there has been no mention that China is a main supplier.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Wednesday that the flow of Iranian arms to Afghanistan is "fairly substantial" and that it is likely taking place with the help of the Iranian government.

Defense officials are upset that Chinese weapons are being used to kill Americans. "Americans are being killed by Chinese-supplied weapons, with the full knowledge and understanding of Beijing where these weapons are going," one official said. The arms shipments show that the idea that China is helping the United States in the war on terrorism is "utter nonsense," the official said.

The Chinese government are a bunch of ungrateful bastards. We give them top secret missile technology, and this is how they treat us? And President Bush should take a page from the Reagan playbook. Communists are not our friends. Glossing over China's aiding and abetting of our enemies just to have trade in cheap consumer goods makes me sick. How much plastic vomit and fake dog crap piles do we need? We should suspend all trade with China, and make our own cheap consumer goods. It will give us something to do with the 12 to 20+ million illegal aliens to which Mr. Bush wants to give amnesty.

Aside: If you are a hippie environmental wacko leftist, you should check out the environmental damage caused by China's export goods based industrial economy. They don't care about anything but production. They are commies, remember?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Amnesty Now, Part IV: BOHICA

Headline at Breitbart: US immigration bill alive and well, White House insists.

Unfortunately, the President, and all the other sellouts who are in favor of this bill's passage into law are sorely mistaken. This bill will not become law. Too many little amendments, too many giveaways to the illegal aliens, too much of an attempt at a power grab on both sides for the huge potential block of voters the illegal aliens represent.

What the citizens of the United States want is an end to the gross porosity of our unguarded and unenforced borders. Canada, Mexico, or otherwise. This desire, nay, demand, is shown by the cowering of those who were in favor of the shamnesty bill. They have felt the wrath and outrage of their constituents and are now rightly in fear for their political lives.

Not to mention, we already have laws that enforce border restrictions and mandate the building of a border fence. We have only built a few miles, however. If the President and the weenies in Congress want to reform immigration, why not speed up and expand the fence building process? American citizens would stuff the ballot box for whoever would champion that idea. You can't stop a speeding car by pushing down the accelerator. You have to put on the brakes.

BTW, the President is involved here in legacy building. Most two-term presidents suffer from this form of fecal cerebritis. If Mr. Bush wants to build a positive legacy, how about the unconditional surrender of the jihadis, and victory in Iraq? But that means changing the status quo...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

D-Day + 63 Years

This day is one of those days in history which should never be forgotten. 63 years ago, hundreds of thousands of brave individuals coordinated their efforts to deal a knockdown blow to totalitarian fascism. Many died in training for the invasion of Normandy. Many more died in the first few moments of the invasion. And many more gave their lives in the days, weeks, and months which followed. They gave their lives so that we could be free.

Three years ago, I had the distinct honor and privilege to wear the uniform of my country on the 60th anniversary of D-Day. It was at annual training for my National Guard unit, part of the 116th regiment of the 29th Infantry division. Men who had served in this unit on D-Day faced perhaps the most hellish fighting and highest casualties of the entire invasion, Omaha beach.

The painting above, "29, Let's Go!" by James Dietz, shows the 29th in action on D-Day. For those who may be interested, D-Day by Stephen Ambrose, and The Bedford Boys by Alex Kershaw are well done examinations of the invasion.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just Like Old Times

Everyone laughed at Reagan's "Star Wars" program. Now it seems we may really need it. And our old adversaries, the Russians, don't like it. Russian President Vlad the Impaler has threatened to aim his missiles at Europe if the U.S. proceeds with its plan to build a missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Really, now, Vlad. Is this not just a case of sour grapes? Aren't you just jealous of the success of the U.S. in bringing about the fall of your Soviet house of cards? And are you not a little jealous that Poland and the Czech Republic became allies of the west (and NATO members to boot) after your rusting Iron Curtain finally crumbled?

The Russians are "not our enemy." But they are not really our friends, either. They have given aid to Iraq during the U.N. sanction period between the wars, and are aiding Iran as well. Would Vlad the Impaler look the other way if there was an Empty Quiver situation originating in Russia or one of the Federation states? I would not be surprised.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Speaking of Adult Beverages

In just a few questions, this quiz miraculously picked my all-time favorite (on tap, of course):

You Are Guinness

You know beer well, and you'll only drink the best beers in the world.

Watered down beers disgust you, as do the people who drink them.

When you drink, you tend to become a bit of a know it all - especially about subjects you don't know well.

But your friends tolerate your drunken ways, because you introduce them to the best beers around.

Glorious First of June

Need an excuse to enjoy an adult beverage today? Lift your tot of (Pusser's) rum to the British Navy's victory over the cheese eaters. Today is the Glorious First of June.