Monday, June 11, 2007

Amnesty Now, Part IV: BOHICA

Headline at Breitbart: US immigration bill alive and well, White House insists.

Unfortunately, the President, and all the other sellouts who are in favor of this bill's passage into law are sorely mistaken. This bill will not become law. Too many little amendments, too many giveaways to the illegal aliens, too much of an attempt at a power grab on both sides for the huge potential block of voters the illegal aliens represent.

What the citizens of the United States want is an end to the gross porosity of our unguarded and unenforced borders. Canada, Mexico, or otherwise. This desire, nay, demand, is shown by the cowering of those who were in favor of the shamnesty bill. They have felt the wrath and outrage of their constituents and are now rightly in fear for their political lives.

Not to mention, we already have laws that enforce border restrictions and mandate the building of a border fence. We have only built a few miles, however. If the President and the weenies in Congress want to reform immigration, why not speed up and expand the fence building process? American citizens would stuff the ballot box for whoever would champion that idea. You can't stop a speeding car by pushing down the accelerator. You have to put on the brakes.

BTW, the President is involved here in legacy building. Most two-term presidents suffer from this form of fecal cerebritis. If Mr. Bush wants to build a positive legacy, how about the unconditional surrender of the jihadis, and victory in Iraq? But that means changing the status quo...

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