Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't Listen To the Leftist Screed

With General Petraeus being grilled by sub-persons unworthy to lick his boots after a visit to the latrine, I take great comfort in reading blogs like Jack Army, written by a knowledgeable and experienced person with his boots on the ground, in-country.

... Things are changing here (units coming and going and such) but in the towns and villages, the daily struggle to make a dinar, to feed your family, to get along in life continues, as it always has and always will.

Badger 6 sees the new glass as a sign of growing confidence and security. [h/t Charlie Foxtrot] I believe he's right. Here, we see new glass, new curbs and sidewalks, new shops
being built and occupied, the trash is getting cleaned up, the city council is taking steps to provide for security instead of relying only on the police, army and Coalition Forces. Electricy [sic], water, sewage and many other projects are getting done and more projects are getting started. It's like this town woke up and started to catch up to the 21st Century, instead of staying mired in the 18th.

It's good to see.

This ain't no earthquake, this ain't no hurricane, this ain't no foolin' around. This is Life During Wartime. We are lucky that, for most of us, sacrifice is virtually unnecessary and limited solely to reading or hearing about war in the media.

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