Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Patriot Pate?

Chicago's ban on foie gras is just over a year old. Just like all prohibitions, people have found ways to get around the law. Serving "complimentary" foie gras alongside other overpriced food, using another name (somewhat like "london broil" or "delmonico"), or just by ignoring the law, foie gras is still found in Chicago, if not directly on the menu. True to Chicago's past during alcohol prohibition, a savvy diner who knows the right phrases may ask for it, as one would ask admission to a speakeasy.

A new study at the University of Tennessee shows that mice develop what is called amyloidosis when fed a diet of foie gras. But the study, like many studies which try to prove one health claim over another, is incredibly unrealistic:

The amount of foie gras given to the mice would equal about 1.5kg over five days for humans, Solomon estimates. This may seem like a lot, especially considering that even in France the annual consumption is about 200g.

Holy Rare Disorders! Who can afford 1.5kg of foie gras a week! Maybe this guy.

The very idea that a commonly available food could be banned makes my head spin. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says the ban is "...a silly law. I think it should be repealed." He is absolutely right. If you don't like foie gras, DO NOT EAT FOIE GRAS! Don't force me to bend to your political will by making something I like to eat illegal. Keep yer laws off my dinner plate!

Lastly, the animal rights people don't like foie gras because the feel that the geese are tortured by the force-feeding which fattens their livers. Hardcore vegan true believers (one must eschew all individual liberty and freedom to reach this level) envision foie gras producers gleefully torturing their geese in scenarios like this one: Bring out the gimp.

How could one get the corn down its throat with that collar around its neck?

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