Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Voices In My Head

Having ditched the TV a year ago, I find myself listening to a lot of radio. I can't say I "killed" the TV- I will watch the occasional movie or play the occasional video game, and the kids have their videos. But there is no television programming entering the Polymathschloss. And it has been a good thing. I can listen to the radio while I do the necessary odd jobs around the house.

Did I mention I am a stay-at-home dad? The Missus is a RN at the local non-private hospital, and makes a good living at it. So there are plenty of odd jobs around the house. But I digress.

Radio. I listen to it often. I will frequently catch Rush Limbaugh at noon. And I can get any kind of music, talk, news, sports, etc. on satellite. We got satellite radio when we decided to break up with DirecTV. Like many relationships, they kept wanting more while giving less.

We chose Sirius because I like to listen to Howard Stern. Shocked? Disgusted? Oh well. I don't go for the sex stuff, but the rest of his show I find entertaining, even if I don't agree with him.

His comments this morning were right on the mark, and echoed those of Rush Limbaugh yesterday: The president of Iran is a maniac bent on the destruction of Israel and any non-islamic people who stand in his way, and he is seeking legitimacy for the reckless, murderous policies of his government.

In yesterday's forum at Columbia, Mr. Imadamnjihadi was discussing homosexuals. He simply stated that there are no homosexuals in Iran. Maybe because it is illegal, and punishable by pain of death?

This man, this Iran, is a threat to the rest of the world.

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