Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let's See Some I.D.

An illustration of the arrogance of the leftist MSM can be read at Blackfive.

A reporter from Knight Ridder had a smartass remark for an American service member who asked to see the reporter's driver's license. He is lucky the man was a professional, or he would be a well ventilated ex-reporter.

Disrespect and arrogance will get your butt killed in a combat zone. My favorite part in this post at Blakfive is:

He has half as many pieces of ID as necessary, but this is somehow the fault of this ignorant yahoo [service member] "stuk in Irak". The condescension is nauseating, especially when he decides to be "pushy". Anybody wanna bet what the outcome would be if pushy had passed shovey and become ass-kicky?

Click to see the reporter's original blog post, preserved by LittleGreenFootballs.

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