Monday, November 05, 2007

Ron Paul, Guy Fawkes, and Tom Clancy

Regular readers of this blog will of course recall that I have a libertarian bent. That is to say, while I share many of the views of the Libertarian party, I would not consider myself a "party line" type. I don't find it individualistic enough. Perhaps that is the curse of libertarians everywhere. Strong minded individuals rarely group together in large numbers. But I digress...

I was intrigued by the news that Ron Paul has reportedly raised more than $3.5 million in a fundraiser associated with Guy Fawkes day. N.B.-Fawkes is said to be the only man to enter the houses of Parliament with honorable intentions. So is Ron Paul advocating violent overthrow of our current government? More than likely not. A complete shakedown and cutting out of old, dead wood seems to be the idea. His candidacy for the Republican ticket does not seem very likely, however, as demonstrated by the last line in the preceding paragraph.

I am reminded of the book Debt of Honor, by Tom Clancy. The protagonist, Jack Ryan, has just been sworn in as the new vice president. At the same time, the capitol building has just been destroyed by a rogue pilot of a passenger jet which crashed into it during the president's state of the union address. Everyone is, of course, killed in the mess. Except Jack Ryan, who is in a nearby basement at the time. He then begins the long and painful process of restoring and rebuilding the government.

Sure, it's quite a fantasy. But a delicious one indeed. As president, Ryan is able to revise and simplify our virtually incomprehensible federal tax code, among other things. Government becomes smaller and more efficient. And the country is better for it, because the president believes in the strength, freedom, and liberty of the individual.

Ron Paul, while somewhat of a kook, advocates libertarian principles of limited government and individual freedom and liberty. But he does not want to fight the war against islamo-facism. You can have all the individualism, freedom, and liberty you can handle, but it does not amount to squat if you get blown up by some muslim fanatic with a bomb strapped to his ass.

Ron Paul will not win the Republican nomination for that reason alone.

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