Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When Is a Bookshelf Not a Bookshelf?

Maybe the ad is working. Reuters reports Huckabee, Giuliani tied in 2008 Republican race U.S.

The people who make the TV spots for presidential candidates (and beer brewers) know exactly what they are doing. In the case of beer, attractive women placed in the same frame as the beer promote an pleasing image to the beer drinker. Huckabee's "floating cross" places a pleasing image in the same frame as the product (Huckabee for President!) being sold to the consumer, the consumer in this scenario being conservative christian voters. To suggest that the "floating cross" appears as a coincidence is dishonest at best.

I do not disagree with the verbal message Mr. Huckabee presents. It is good to hear an honest message of Christ and family at this time of year. It is Christmas, after all. I would not go so far as to suggest Mr. Huckabee is a facist. But he is "wrapping himself in the flag," after a fashion:

And now, the best for last. From the AP(via Brietbart):

Huckabee said the bookshelf is just a bookshelf and shrugged off the controversy: "I will confess this: If you play the spot backwards it says, 'Paul is dead. Paul is dead.'"

Is it just coincidence that one of his greatest detractors is fellow republican candidate Ron Paul?

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