Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I don't think so. If Ronald Reagan were an U.S. Senator would we have :


The pretender to the throne has no clothes.

Friday, January 25, 2008

London Calling

Greetings to my reader(s) in the U.K. I know someone (maybe more than one) from the sceptred isle has been reading my meandering bloviations somewhat regularly.

I would encourage any comments, especially on the subject of gun control. Our National Rifle Association likes to paint a bleak picture of rampant crime perpetrated against an unarmed and defenseless populace. Makes me think of the panic about rats, cats, wild dogs, and disease before the opening of the "chunnel." Please, tell me truly.

Her Majesty's subjects are most welcome here.

Dancing with the Devil

The Raw Story: NBC confronts Hillary with 'slum lord' photo (photo, and video from "Today" show).
Everything the Clintons do is calculated. Whether or not it turns out well for them is a different kettle of fish entirely. This is a stinky fish indeed.

I knew a crooked couple and they walked a crooked mile...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Calling All Conservative Presidential Candidates Who Actually Have a Chance in Hell (Oops, There Aren't Any)

From the Associated Press: Republicans Agree on Economic Stimulus.

Let's do some math: 35,000,000 ("families" who don't make enough to actually pay income taxes) X 300 (amount of "rebate" in U.S. dollars per said family) = 10,500,000,000 (that's 10.5 billion dollars). In my estimation, we are going to print money which we do not have to pay poor poor pitiful poor people a welfare check. Go ahead, devalue the dollar even more!

What a friggin' joke. All to stave off the recession we can't even be sure we are in yet.

Want to see some real economic stimulus? Get behind the fair tax, H.R. 25, and abolish the IRS. No penalty for saving. No penalty for investment income. No more capital gains taxes. No more tax compliance costs for businesses. Prices will adjust near to their current levels. Everyone (including illegal aliens) will pay federal tax. Government revenues will remain virtually unchanged. And just to make the leftists happy, a rebate every month to every household. For more info, click the "Americans for Fair Taxation" link in the sidebar.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Knuckle Dragging Southern White Trash

Perhaps you have heard of Confederate American Pride? Take a moment to read the homepage post. One can glimpse the ignorance and bigotry sure to be found in the pages beyond. The closing paragraph is downright laughable:
Even though we lost the War for Southern Independence, the cause for which we fought has not been lost. It still lives on in the spirit of the Southern people, of all color. This spirit, undaunted by reconstruction and guided by the hand of God, like the phoenix which rose from the ashes, will lead Southrons to build a new South that will rise in prominence among the nations of the world.

Uh, the only reason the "new South" is on the rise is because of Northern (damn Yankee!) transplants buying, building, and working in concert with the immigrants (legal and illegal) to do the jobs which real Southrons are either too stupid or lazy to perform.

MLK Jr Day

Dr. King saw a vision of America not delineated by race, but by character.

America's enemy, the Islamo-facist jihadis, do not discriminate by race, either. They hate us all because we are Americans.

At the risk of sounding Rodney King-esque, can't we all get along and just throw all our multicultural differences out the window?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hitlery Health Care

Judicial Watch (via hillaryproject) released recently uncovered records about Hitlery Clinton's massive health care proposal made during her reign of terror as co-president. A standout:

“I can think of parallels in wartime, but I have trouble coming up with a precedent in our peacetime history for such broad and centralized control over a sector of the economy…Is the public really ready for this?... none of us knows whether we can make it work well or at all…”

-someone with the initials "P.S."

Hitlery Clinton cares not about health care. It does not matter to her if you have to wait in line for months, or even years, for a critical test or treatment. If the government goes into the health insurance business, heath care will be rationed. And we all know what a great job the government has done with its mandatory retirement/pension plan.

No, what Hitlery Clinton cares about is cementing herself in a position of power because of her own personality deficiencies. Socialists (and Hitlery is one, whether she will admit this openly or not) want to control the lives of others, stamp out individualism, and mold everyone into a homogeneous mass. Then the fun will begin in earnest.

This woman must be kept out of the White House.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Experience Takes a Back Seat

To racism and bigotry between Hitlery Clinton and Barry "Big Ears" Hussein Obama.

This is the kind of crap you argue about when neither one of you have any executive experience. Useless, but not surprising. By pointing out your opponent's lack of relevant experience, you shine a light on your own.

Why confuse the voters with a meaningful argument?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Silly Alcohol Laws

On the cover of our local semi-communist weekly rag "The Hook" is the headline: "Make Mine VA Shine," a parody of the popular "Make Mine Virginia Wine" bumper sticker. The feature is the story about the producer of a legal moonhine-type alcoholic beverage, his partnership with NASCAR legend Junior Johnson (who served 11 years for moonshining, later to be pardoned by Ronald Reagan), and the new popularity of "corn likker," both legal and illegal. Click here for the article.

Joe Michaelek, founder of Piedmont Distillers, based his operation just south of the Virginia line in North Carolina. I am assuming he did this because of the draconian laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia where alcohol distillation, distribution, and sales are concerned. However, there is some new Virginia ABC legislation that was passed recently and signed into law by Governor Timmy Kaine by which Belmont Farms can sell their "Virginia Lightning" on their own Culpepper premises.

I wish that someone in the VA legislature could get some legislation passed allowing for the home distillation of alcohol. For a whole host of reasons, it only makes sense. Many new cars use "E85," corn (or other grain) alcohol which has been denatured with gasoline. With the rising cost of oil, and therefore gasoline, and considering the impossibility of pumping ethanol through a pipeline system, many dollars (and pounds of evil carbon) could be saved by allowing people to produce their own alcohol fuel. Virtually any carbeurated gasoline burning engine can be modified by the home mechanic to burn ethanol.

And if one makes a little extra and must drink it, so what?

However, as I learned from calling (and being transferred through the various voicemails and bureaucracies) Virginia ABC, it is illegal for an individual to even own or have on their property an alcohol still without a distiller's permit (read: very expensive piece of paper).

While on the subject of silly alcohol laws...

Our family was dining out recently, when we noticed a group of soldiers in uniform seated nearby. I asked our waitress to send them a round of drinks, as people had done this for me many years ago when I wore the uniform. They came over to thank us, and we learned that they were all Iraq vets who would be returning for another tour sometime in the future. We also learned that two of the four were under 21, and therefore could not drink legally.


By the way, the two who could legally drink ordered this.