Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Knuckle Dragging Southern White Trash

Perhaps you have heard of Confederate American Pride? Take a moment to read the homepage post. One can glimpse the ignorance and bigotry sure to be found in the pages beyond. The closing paragraph is downright laughable:
Even though we lost the War for Southern Independence, the cause for which we fought has not been lost. It still lives on in the spirit of the Southern people, of all color. This spirit, undaunted by reconstruction and guided by the hand of God, like the phoenix which rose from the ashes, will lead Southrons to build a new South that will rise in prominence among the nations of the world.

Uh, the only reason the "new South" is on the rise is because of Northern (damn Yankee!) transplants buying, building, and working in concert with the immigrants (legal and illegal) to do the jobs which real Southrons are either too stupid or lazy to perform.

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