Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is My Rifle, This is My Gun...

Michelle Malkin on the Ray Nagin photo caption contest at

Should be like, well, shooting fish in a barrel.

A chocolate barrel.

The jokes just write themselves whenever Ray Nagin is involved.
UPDATE: While I am on the subject of rifle/gun-

The greatest cinematic depiction of Basic. Yes, recruits do march around the barracks in their underwear. Yes, you do run until you puke. Yes, the Drill sergeant pokes you in the forehead with his "Smokey Bear" hat while simultaneously berating you with a colorful tirade. I witnessed every bit of it, and there is no difference between Kubric's Basic and the real thing. Except for the hitting. Any sort of violent physical contact between the recruit and the Drill had moved behind closed doors at the time (1985). Of course, no one shot our Drill Sergeant, but I am sure it has happened at least once.

Unfortunately, the film begins a rapid descent into mediocrity in the second half.


Mark Tueting said...

We didn't have any of that stuff in officer basic.

Just the welding.

Ahhh! The welding! The welding!

Mark Tueting said...

(Still muttering about the welding)

Polymath said...

Instead of dragging your own corpse around in hell, it will be a weld of yours that constantly comes apart and needs repairing.

Hell is for officers.

Polymath said...

Speaking of officers, staff pukes, etc., I found this via Blackfive: