Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama: The Implosion Begins

Imagine you have been attending the same church, lead by the same pastor, for 20 years. The pastor married you and your wife in the church, and baptized your children. Imagine the title of your second book is borrowed from the title of a sermon your pastor delivered one Sunday morning. Imagine that you wrote about your pastor with respect, honor, and admiration in said book.

If you were running for president, it would be good to have man like your pastor, who has known you and your family for decades, in the media spotlight. Unless...

Mr. Obama has chosen this point in time, and in his campaign, to speak out against "some" of his pastor's "controversial" remarks that are not part of the "typical" Sunday sermon. Remarks such as the despicable bigoted racist garbage that has been all over the news. Remarks such as the obtuse and insane idea that the United States deserved to be attacked by islamo-facist terrorists on 9/11.

There are four possibilities to explain Mr. Obama's confused and confounding behavior: 1) Mr.Obama is one of the most weak-willed people in history, unable to assert his own convictions to the point of, at the very least, walking out and finding another church to attend. 2) Mr. Obama agrees with the outrageous and anti-American sentiments of his pastor. 3) Mr. Obama neither agrees nor disagrees with his pastor; he is only involved in the church out of political expediency and knows that the (presumably) all-black congregation, and other individuals and congregations of similar views, will support and vote for him. 4) Mr. Obama is some combination of the previous three.

I fail to see how any other explanation is possible. This exposure of Rev. Jeramiah Wright, Mr. Obama's pastor, a man who is on record making these kinds of remarks for at least the past ten years, point to a lack of character and severe personal weakness as shown by Mr. Obama's failure, until now, to (partially!) disassociate himself from Rev. Wright.

Mr. Obama has his defenders, his "useful idiots," as well. They classify his pastor as something akin to a foolish and perhaps mentally unstable uncle who sits in the corner. The fallacy of that argument is this: You do not chose your uncle. He may be a crazy old bigoted racist with paranoid delusions, but he is still family. Your pastor, on the other hand, is yours by choice. And you are free to seek out a new one, whether that pastor offends you or not. And why is it relevant that this pastor is nearing retirement? What does that have to do with any of this discussion?

A logical and reasonable person would conclude that Mr Obama is weak, lacks a core, and would be willing to go along with nearly anything as long as it means the retention of his political power. These are ugly traits in any person, and unacceptable for someone who wishes to be president.

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