Monday, April 07, 2008

Italian Wine Tampering

Via Llamabutchers, Italian wine is under investigation for adulteration. The cheap stuff allegedly contains more than just the Sangiovese grapes:
Police in the far north and south of Italy found evidence that cheap wine was being cut with sugar and sulphuric and hydrochloric acid, L'Espresso said.

The good stuff is under suspicion as well:
In a separate investigation at the luxury end, 600,000 bottles of vintage Brunello di Montalcino have been seized by investigators who suspect winemakers used grapes other than Sangiovese, the only ingredient allowed in the Tuscan wine, a favourite of U.S. connoisseurs, L'Espresso magazine reported.

How very convenient. I suspect the "investigators" will find it necessary to have the wine "tested" for inferior grapes, etc., by friends and family.

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