Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Changemaker: Down with Big Oil!

Senator B. Hussein Obama wants to impose a $15 billion tax on Evil Oil Company profits should he become president. It is more fun to pronounce "evil" with a sustained stress on the "e," by the way.

Here's a tip, Mr. Obama: Wealth is only held by individuals, in this case the stockholders of the aforementioned nefarious petroleum conglomerates. Chumps like me who own oil stock, in other words. The oil companies will simply factor the tax, as they do all other taxes, as a cost of doing business. They will either pass the cost on to the stockholders, or fail to remain profitable and cease operations. The latter is probably the true motive of Mr. Obama and others of his ilk. Force the evil (sustain the e, please) corporations out of business! (Insert maniacal laughter here)
The true evil is what the "Long Legged Mac Daddy" wants to do with the cash: Give it away to the poor, poor pitiful poor! Yay!

Happy May Day to all you commies out there.

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