Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why Republicans Lose Elections

San Francisco Chronicle: Schwarzenegger calls for 'rebranding' GOP. I agree, but not in the way the Austrian Oak recommends:

"The Republican idea is a great idea, but we can't go and get stuck with just the right wing," Schwarzenegger said. "Let's let the party come all the way to the center. Let those people be heard as much as the right. Let it be the big tent we've talked about."

"Let's invade and let's cross over that (political) center," he said. "The issues that they're talking about? Let them be our issues, and let the party be known for that."

Uh, no.

That is how we hand the control of government to leftists. By becoming leftists ourselves. A conservative voter finds no real difference in his choice, and is less likely to support the republican. A leftist, concerned with brand identity, will always choose the democrat candidate. Result? Leftist weenies win elections. If the democrat candidate can co-opt some conservative issues from the republican candidate (e.g., Jim Webb and Mark Warner), all the better for them.

The GOP needs solidly conservative candidates to run on a solidly conservative platform. We do not need to go masquerading in liberal costumes of climate change, health care, minimum wage, and illegal alien amnesty.

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