Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Constitution Upheld, Individual Rights Protected

I had my doubts whether the Supremes would find in favor of the second amendment after the recent habeas rights for POWs and the no-execution-for child-rapists decisions. But they have, thankfully, done the right thing.

I have always believed the second amendment protects an individual right, rather than granting a collective one. Here is what I wrote about the subject a year ago.

UPDATE: I heard just recently on CNN an interview with a survivor of the Virginia Tech shootings. She claims she would most likely be dead if she had a handgun with which to protect herself. Leave it to CNN to start the fearmongering literally within minutes of the release of the Heller ruling.


The Maximum Leader said...

What was the Va Tech survivor's rationale behind believing that she would be dead if she could fight back?

Polymath said...

She implied tat it was a moot point for her to be armed - the nut was going to shoot people anyway. He would have seen her as a more likely target.

This story was on CNN at the very instant the decision was reported, about 10:13 am. I had been listening to a talk show, and switched to CNN to get the full MSM coverage. They did not disappoint.