Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Life Under der Changemaker: "Universal HealthCare"

An old woman has died after her cancer treatment was withdrawn. You see, she went outside the system, and paid for a drug to treat her cancer with her own money!

Ask anyone who has served in the military what their experience with health care was like - I can guarantee that the nearly unanimous answer will be that it is woefully inadequate, antiquated, and inefficient. The military is essentialy a socialist system. That's socialized medicine, folks.
Imposing liberal socialism, diminishing the power of the U.S., out-of-control social spending, "alternative" and "renewable" energy - Obama sounds more and moe like Jimmy Carter every day.

Change, hope, change, hope, universal sparkling water, change, hope, gerbil infestation relief, change, hope, rectum bleaching, change, hope, free intelligence quotient reduction, change, hope, SRO hotels for the homeless, change, hope, soul-fixing, change, hope, state controlled thermostats and electric meters, change, hope, a free bowl of rice in lieu of a steak dinner, change, hope, a beer can with roller skate wheels in lieu of your S.U.V., change, hope, trans-gender restroom mandates, change, hope. I could go on...


Toronto life insurance broker said...

"An old woman has died after her cancer treatment was withdrawn."
We have many similar titles in our newspapers, just with a small difference, usually it's something like "Woman died because of late diagnosis" "Man died because of late treatment" I don't say public health insurance is generally bad, on the other hand you should have the right to choose something different and to pay for it if you want. But that's almost not possible in Canada. As a Toronto life insurance broker I have been always fan of private health insurance, but any effort to spread it is ceased...

Polymath said...

In her "concession" speech yesterday, Hillary Clinton called for "every man, woman, and child" to be insured, "no exceptions, no excuses!" One can only assume she means GOVERNMENT health insurance, as no private company would be foolish enough to take on such a project. When scialized medicine happens, those who stay in the system may pay with their lives. Those who go outside the system, i.e. black market health care, will pay with ther freedom.

The problem in this country is not access to health care, it is access to the money to pay for it. Leftist redistributionist politicians are either lying, stupid, or both. You (meaning anyone outside of my family) need to pay for your own damn healthcare. Your lack of money is not my problem.