Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nullus Obduco

Barack Obama, known here as der Changemaker, has co-opted the Presidential Seal. No, not the cute one that keeps George Bush entertained by balancing a beach ball on its nose for the occasional herring. The Symbol:

If you look closely, he has changed "e pluribus unum" to "vero possumus," which means "in truth we are able." I suppose that is the best latin translation he could find for "yes, we can."

Besides the wording and the booberry color, he has replaced the union shield with his own "Obama sunrise over amber waves of grain" symbol. (Note to Self: Referring to the color of a black man's fake presidential seal as "booberry" may lead to some accusations of racism.)

This reminds me of Hitler's ascendancy to power through the German National Socialist party. He started as a local rabble rouser, was taught how to present himself as a powerful figure, delivered charismatic speeches appealing to the "disenfranchised," preached "change" and national identity, and established his own new symbol for his rule. Hitler blamed the jews for Germany's problems, just as Obama says "white folks' greed runs a world in need." I do not suggest that Obama wants to throw greedy "white folks" into the ovens, but his association with those who preach black liberation theology does give me pause.

No, it is the socialism thing that bothers me the most. Obama is a socialist. He wants to change the United States into a socialist state. Look at his record, listen to is words, and read his statements. It is all there covered up in the flowery language of hope and change.

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